Chartered Institute Of Marketing Seminar

Professional networking event held at Cheshire campus

The 23rd October saw a networking event organised by Manchester Metropolitan University’s Cheshire Campus and Chartered Institute of Marketing’s North Staffordshire and Cheshire branches take place at the campus.

The guest speaker Mike Samuels, managing director of Great Oak Capital Ltd, , gave attendees an inspiring presentation on how to successfully network. Mike stated his aim

Mike Samuels has been self-employed for over thirty years and has relied heavily on networking and maintaining a large contact list to build his success.  Mike showed the members of CIM how successful his networking was by showing the 1,452 contacts in his phone book. Earlier this year Mike had previously spoken to students at the campus about networking.

The inspired audience thought Mike’s presentation was “engaging and very funny” as he took on the persona of Lady Gaga (including a fetching blonde wig) to show how to begin a conversation and use it to grow  business contacts. The audience then took part and  started conversations themselves, with many coming away with a list of new business contacts and a knowledge of how to engage at networking events using the seven secrets.

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